Things to Think About When Making Your Online Profile

Creating and utilizing online profiles can be wildly useful for both professional and personal reasons. However, it is vital you remember a few key elements when you are building your online sphere.

The first thing to remember is consistency. You want to be sure you’re representing yourself online similarly to how you present yourself offline. For example, if you introduce yourself as Brad Wilde Phoenix, you’ll want to make sure you can be found online under the same, exact name. Doing so will help avoid frustration and confusion when people search for your online persona.

Next, you’ll want to be as thorough as possible when creating your online accounts. For example, if Brad Wilde Phoenix has 15 years of customer service experience, he needs to be sure he represents all 15 years of experience on the appropriate online channels. This information doesn’t have to go on his OKCupid profile, but it should definitely make it onto his Linkedin.

Using the tools available to us with today’s technology can be useful in many areas of everyday life.